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FIMR is a two tiered approach to addressing fetal and infant loss.


We connect with families who have had a pregnancy or infant loss to learn what was going on in their lives before, during, or after their loss. We want to learn about any barriers or difficulties families were having getting resources or help. We take these interviews (remove any identifying information) and review them with a diverse group made up of doctors, social workers, nurses, doulas, community workers/members and advocates. These reviews lead us to develop recommendations aimed at helping better support families. These recommendations have the ability to:

  • Create new programs

  • Fix/add things that are missing from existing programs/supports

  • Advocate for policy changes that can better support families

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We take the recommendations that come from these families stories and we work together with a wide range of partners to create meaningful change in our communities.

Our Community Action Team is composed of:

     -Community Members                         -Social Service Providers

     -Community Based Organizations      -Local Government

     -Public Health Advocates                    -Universities

     -Faith Based Institutions                      -Medical Networks

Working in close partnership, the Community Action Team develops action plans from the recommendations and works collaboratively to turn them into a reality, helping support families and keeping the memory alive of those we have lost.  

If you are interested in learning more about FIMR, have questions or want to collaborate more closely please connect with us by filling out the contact form below

The FIMR Team

Dr. Deborah Anne Boyle  Primary Investigator 

Jose M. Ortiz MSW, MPH  FIMR Administrator

Odessa Williams DNP, MSN, RN 

FIMR Coordinator

Mary Cuadrado

FIMR Support

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