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Helpful Information

We’ve pulled some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received and compiled them all into one place for your convenience. Not finding what you’re looking for? Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

FIMR Participant Questions

If I need to take a break during the interview process, can I continue to participate by completing the interview at another time, or do I have to complete everything at once?

We know this is a difficult time, and yes, we can schedule a time that is good for you to complete the process.

What happens to my information after I complete the interview?

All the information captured by the FIMR project is kept confidential and private. No one outside of the FIMR staff knows about the families who participate in the project unless the family disclose that themselves.

Is there any compensation for participating in the study interview?

Participants who complete, and interview are given a $50.00 dollar gift card to Walmart

Is there a time limit after a loss to participate?

Since the FIMR project is trying to address present issues and barriers of families, we want to focus on families who have had a loss in the last 2 years. Regardless of time families can still reach out to FIMR to get connected to supports and resources.

Are there other ways to continue participating in FIMR after completing an interview?

Regardless of completing an interview, everyone is welcome to participate in the FIMR Community Action Team and join our mailing list to keep up to date on the work happening.

General Questions

Who sponsors this project?

This project is made possible by a grant from the Illinois Department of Public Health

Does this study have IRB approval?

The FIMR Study has been reviewed and approved by the IRB at the University of Chicago. (IRB ID: 20-0503)

What is an IRB?

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews, prior to starting, research involving human participants. The IRB is tasked with protecting the welfare, rights, and privacy of human subjects. The University of Chicago has conducted a review of this FIMR study and has approved this ongoing study.

Are there other FIMR projects in Illinois?

There are currently 2 FIMR projects in state of Illinois.  FIMR Chicago is focused on helping support Chicago Families who have gone through fetal and infant loss. SIHF FIMR is tasked with helping support families in southern Illinois (St. Clair and Madison counties). For more information on SIHF FIMR please visit : SIHF FIMR Website

Are there other FIMR projects?

Yes, FIMR is a national project and is guided by the National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention.

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